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An ordinary woman? There's no such thing.

Letters to my yesterday Podcast
No Ordinary Woman

Women are incredible. We are strong, courageous, supportive, creative… The list can go on forever. And one of the most amazing things about us is our connections with each other. In my book, one of my characters says, ‘the greatest strength women have, is each other.’ I believe this with all my heart. When you have good women in your life, you will be raised up by them, encouraged and comforted. We are extraordinary and I think it’s important for us all to know that.

When I began writing my book, I kept getting stuck. I’d write a little and couldn’t go any further. With the help of a mentor’s guidance, I discovered that the book I was trying to write was about strong women. And deep down, I didn’t feel that I was one. I associated strong women with overcoming great adversity or hardship. I didn’t feel I had a right to call myself a strong woman. But this very wise mentor helped me see what I do - support, comfort, guide, love and inspire – and that, she assured me was the definition of strength. It took me some time, but I was able to agree with her. Yes I am strong. All women are. And after this realisation, I finally felt brave enough to write my book.

My characters appear ordinary, but when we learn about their lives, we see how much they face, the pain they have endured quietly and the love they offer despite this. They are representations of so many women, everyday, EXTRA-ordinary women. I couldn’t stop with my characters, I wanted to find a way to connect with this idea further and this is how my Podcast was born! Join me as I chat to beautiful women about their life journey. We reflect on the lessons they’ve learned, and the advice they would offer their younger self – in a Letter to their Yesterday. You can find my podcast by typing 'karyn sepulveda' in itunes or Stitcher, or iheartradio.

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