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Does meditation really do anything?

A few years ago, I would have laughed if someone said to me that I’d be meditating every day. I thought meditating was boring, because whenever I attempted it, I couldn’t conquer my busy mind. I would think of absolutely EVERYTHING while sitting there, trying to relax and end up feeling worse.

But then I discovered some very simple guided meditations that were short and I could actually follow. The best ones were by Gabby Bernstein, who has a lovely, relaxing voice to listen to. I’d sit down with my air pods in and find that the ten minutes had flown by and I was actually feeling better.

I slowly built up my meditation time, without even realising that I was looking forward to meditating each day, craving it even. I searched for meditations that I connected with easily – even taking part in a 5-month mentorship and going deep into meditation practice!

Now, I can meditate for up to an hour, with a (fairly) still mind. Practice (and finding the right kinds of meditations) really does make perfect.

So, after all this exploring, what’s the point? Are there actual benefits to meditating? For me, the answer is a big yes!

I can definitely say that I have far less anxious thoughts and worries now. I am clearer on my goals and my path and I’m just more often feeling calm and joyful. It’s not something that happens overnight, but looking back now, the changes I can see in myself are profound.

Like most things I discover, I had the urge to share my experience, so I created some short meditations. They are the type of meditations I was looking for when starting out – short, simple, and relaxing. I created them with the intention to help listeners feel calm, peaceful and connect to their own creativity and inspiration.

Each meditation is around five minutes and work best if you can sit or lay in a quiet space for a few minutes (before going to sleep or when you first wake up is perfect). If you’re interested in trying these free meditations, here is the link: Meditations

I hope you enjoy them – please reach out and let me know how you go if you do try them. And if you already meditate, please share a favourite of yours in the comments!

Love, Karyn xo

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