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Jack of all Trades

A question I used to dread when I met someone new is, ‘so what do you do?’ I’d get a bit flustered because I don’t know how to answer in a simple way. I like a little bit, of a lot of different things.

Since finishing high school I’ve been an actor, created a theatre-in-education company, teacher, writer, podcast producer and most recently I’ve created some simple meditations. Part of me felt a bit of shame when I answered, as though I’m failing at all of these things I’ve been trying.

But a few months ago, author Louise Allan shared a post on Instagram that changed my perception on this. She had a similar feeling to me when explaining what she did (except she’s also a doctor, and I feel I would be very impressed with myself if I said that!) Anyhow, she said to her friend, that she feels as though she’s ‘a jack of all trades, master of none.’ Her friend asked her if she knew that saying in its entirety. The saying actually goes; ‘Jack of all trades, master of none, may actually be better than a master of one.’

When I read that, I had, as Oprah would say, an Aha moment. I’m curious and I like to try things out. They don’t always work, but I’m not worse off for having tried. If anything, I’ve gained a new skill to add to my collection.

I’m going to encourage you to take a leap of faith if you’ve been thinking of dabbling in something new and perhaps worried you may look silly for trying yet another idea. Or maybe worried that you will fail. I urge you to have a go, because then you’ll never have to wonder – and at the very least, you’ll have experienced something new.

Karyn xo

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