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My Writing Companion

This is my gorgeous writing companion, Lucy. She sits by my side every single time I write. I take her for granted sometimes; the comfort of having her, snoring beside me as I type away. Writing can be a lonely task at times and it’s a gift to have Lucy. She’s always willing to be cuddled between thoughts or walked as I’m trying to figure out what’s happening next in a chapter.

Last year, she suffered a spinal injury and had to have major surgery. We were told we could lose her and it was devastating in a way all pet lovers will understand. Thankfully though, her surgery was successful. She came home after a week in animal hospital with no use of her back legs and still in pain.

It was a fairly slow recovery and in those first weeks, I’d bring my laptop to the floor and sit beside her bed, writing as she recuperated.

Slowly, she gained strength in her back legs and went from waddling, to walking, to most recently running again! The joy of seeing her run around, tongue hanging out, fills my heart. And I can tell you, that I’ve never taken her company for granted for a single moment since.

I’d love to hear about your animal companions. Please share a photo and tell me about them!

Karyn xo

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