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Simple Ways to Unlock your Creativity

I'm so passionate about spreading creativity, so I was delighted to have the following article published recently in New Idea. I w

ould love to share it with you now in the hope you may feel inspired to try some of these simple ideas and inject a little more creativity and happiness in your day.

Why Creativity is so important.

When we make time to be creative, we unlock more happiness and a sense of peace in our lives. One of our greatest gifts of being human is our creativity. But in our fast-paced world, it is often pushed aside and forgotten. This lack of creativity in our lives can leave us feeling a sense of dis-satisfaction or restlessness.

Everyone is creative.

Forget what you were told at school - every single person in this world is creative. You don’t have to be ‘good’ at anything in particular to be a creative person. Creativity is not about an end product, it is about the act of being creative. That is where the magic exists. When we make time to be creative, simply for the sake of enjoyment, we are prioritising our happiness and saying a big yes! to the universe for more happiness in our lives. Creativity exists within all of us. And I am going to help you connect to your own.

Connecting to your own Creativity

If you haven’t made time to be creative for a while, the idea of it can be overwhelming. But by following these simple steps, you will feel a deepening sense of connection to your creativity within weeks. And you may also notice a sense of ease and peace developing in your life.

1. Set aside 10 minutes a day to be creative.

Choose any simple creative task and commit to spending at least ten minutes every day, creating. Here are some of my suggestions: draw a picture of your favourite place, buy some flowers from the market and arrange them in a vase, write a short story about a perfect day, mindful colouring-in, pot a new plant.

2. Sit in stillness for 2 minutes before your creative time.

Once you have decided on your creative task for the day, set a timer for two minutes. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, allowing your breath to fill you stomach and lungs. Hold your breath for three seconds and then slowly release. Repeat these slow, gentle breaths until the timer sounds. If you feel your mind wandering, just acknowledge the thought and then bring your mind back to feeling your breath.

3. Channel your inner child.

Approach this creative task with a child-like attitude. It’s all about fun. Turn your music up, make a mess with your paints, try not to plan too much. Just go for it! If you don’t enjoy the creative task you’ve picked that day or you feel any stress around it, don’t choose it again. It’s perfectly fine to choose similar activities over again, as long as you enjoy yourself. But don’t be scared to try some new activities either – you may surprise yourself.

4. Set a powerful intention.

Once you finish your creative task, don’t pack up right away. Take another moment in stillness. As you take some deep breaths, set a clear and powerful intention to deepen your relationship to your creativity. This intention can be in your own words, or you could try my favourite one; I easily find time to explore my creativity and inspired ideas flow through me effortlessly.

5. Integrate Creativity into your Everyday Life.

Along with your set creative time, you can also spice up some of the mundane tasks in your life with a little creative flair. Try some of these simple examples: Arrange your meal in an artistic way on the plate. Turn your music up as you fold laundry and dance around the house. While you brush your teeth, create a short scene in your mind with some favourite characters. On a cloudy day, take a moment to look up at the sky and imagine the clouds as designs.

Allow the positive shift in your life.

If you commit to this daily practice of creative tasks, after some time, you will likely feel many positive shifts. You may find that inspired ideas come to you easily, you might feel a sense of happiness growing within you and hopefully life feels a little more peaceful. Open up to enjoying the gift of creativity and reap the abundance of rewards in your life.

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