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Waiting to hear from publishers - a journey that feels like forever (though definitely is not.)

My latest manuscript, Letters To My Yesterday is close to my heart. I’ve put my soul into it, it’s my baby and I want it to be published so badly. In short, I’m desperate and that desperation is my worst enemy. The hardest part about being a writer isn’t the writing (although of course that isn’t easy) – it’s learning patience. Most publishers take from two – six months to respond to your submission. So, dropping from the high of finishing a manuscript, to the low of waiting is… hard. I knew all of this, I was prepared – I’ve done it before! Yet only a few short weeks in, I was already driving myself crazy. It started with over-refreshing my email app. I was checking it too many times to count. So, I deleted it from my phone and have promised myself to only check it once a day. (I break this promise every day). I went to see a tarot card reader (yes really!) hoping to be told I would hear from a publisher soon. Unfortunately the tarot reader was wise and sensible and told me I had to ride the journey out and wait. My daughter owns a magic 8 ball and way too often I shake it, hoping for the ‘absolutely!’ to respond to me. I was in a downward spiral to crazy-town and a few weeks ago I figured out why. I’ve handed over all of my power to the prospective publishers – as though all I can do is sit around and wait. No way! There is so much else I can be doing, I wrote a list and set off. I had already started a new manuscript to distract myself, so I’m getting straight back to that and am now 30k words in. I’ve been thinking about another project I want to work on and I’m diving into it (can’t wait to share more with you about it soon!) But the most important thing is I’m reminding myself (many times a day) that I never give up - the world won’t end if a publisher says no. Truly successful people keep trying until they get there, despite rejection, despite fear. And I am trying my hardest to be one of them.

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