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What would you write in a letter to your yesterday?

What would you write in a letter to your yesterday? In my book, one of the characters is grieving and asked to write a letter to her yesterday – not about her regrets or what she would change (hindsight doesn’t help anyone!) But to think about what advice she would give her younger self to hold onto throughout her life. I asked a few of my close friends to do the same for me and here are just a few examples of the advice they would share: ‘Have fun, laugh, cry, do what ever you need to do. Have confidence in yourself, love yourself and stand tall.’ ‘Don’t be afraid to say what you believe, even if that means standing alone.’ ‘If you have a true friend, you are blessed, enjoy being young and silly together.’ ‘Don’t over think everything, just go for it.’ ‘Life is precious and beautiful, full of challenges and hardships. You will experience it all, but you will always be ok.’ ‘Take your time with life and love and don’t live your life to please others as it will never lead to true happiness.’

Do you know what I noticed after reading these beautiful letters? That the advice are lessons we’ve learned along the way and now live our life by. By writing a letter to your yesterday, you can reflect on how much you have evolved and in some cases, how differently you live your life. So… What would you write in a letter to your yesterday?? If you feel inspired to, comment below, PM me or share this post and start your own thread of letters! Sometimes by looking back we can appreciate how far we have come! Xo #lettertomyyesterday

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