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When women support each other, magic happens.

Even though it’s been over ten years since I moved out of my childhood home, there’s still something I miss about it very much – talking about anything and everything in great detail. Now, my hubby is actually a great listener. It’s just that after growing up with two sisters and a mum who love to chat as much as I do, you get used to talking in a certain degree of detail about your day. When I’m with women, I tend to talk a whole lot more about everything. Whether it’s about our day, the weather or random theories on the purpose of the universe (fact: I spoke about that with some friends the other afternoon for way longer than we should have. There may have been wine involved...)

In my experience, talking and listening with each other is one of women’s strongest support mechanisms for each other. On so many occasions I have spoken about and resolved an issue before becoming too upset about it, simply by talking to one of the amazing women in my life. Likewise, I’ve been that shoulder to lean on and sounding board for others. I’m lucky enough to have great men in my life too, but there’s something special about the empathy and understanding a woman can offer to another. Unfortunately, there are women out there who tear other women down, but that is definitely the minority – we just seem to hear about it the most. In my reality, what I see far more often is women holding each other up, supporting and encouraging each other to achieve what we are destined to. It’s not as dramatic as it sounds though. It can be as simple as sending a text to check on a friend going through a hard time. Making an effort to see someone needing a chat. Or just sharing a few encouraging words. I believe it’s as simple and important as that.

In my latest writing project, Letters To My Yesterday, three women meet each other at exactly the right moment in life. They are very different, yet their strength unites them. And their new friendship proves that with the support of each other, women can survive and achieve anything.

I’m so grateful for all of the loved ones in my life. But today, I’m thanking the special women who surround me; thank you for the chats, for the support and your strength.

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