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Letters to our Yesterday is a podcast that was inspired by strong women. Throughout this podcast I will be speaking to many extraordinary women about their life journey and together we will explore what advice they would give their younger self.

Sharing Stories of Extra Ordinary Women

Latest Episodes


Your Wound Becomes Your Womb

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Natasha Haddad is a psychotherapist and a Mindfulness teacher with Mindful Schools Australia. Join me for a conversation that explores peace, presence and focus

S1 EP8 

Natasha Haddad

Founder Mindful Schools


Publishing journey of an erotic romance writer.

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Rhonda is a popular romance fiction author. We talk about her two books and the magic of writing.

S1 EP7

Rhonda Ryde

Australian Erotic Romance Author

After a great first season now complete I'm very excited about working with more extraordinary women. We have started to put together season two and it will include special bonus bits with each interviewer. So make sure you sign up to get the bonus stuff. 

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From discovery to recovery

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Cassandra shares her story of being diagnosed with breast cancer. We discuss the emotional journey and her work in raising awareness to help other women. 

S1 EP6 

Cassandra Cerecedo

Marketing Exec & Breast Cancer Adv


Striving for balance amongst the chaos

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Emma shares her story about a career that has helped her travel the world. She discussed the importance of trying to strike a balance between work and family

S1 EP5 

Emma Brannigan

Medical Devices Director


Growing up with spiritual awareness

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Hannah shares the effect of childhood experiences have on our life journey. We talk about the difference of  growing up with brothers and now raising daughters. 

S1 EP4 

Hannah Worrall

Primary School Educator


The connections in life is what its all about

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Madison and I discuss the differences in relationships between women and men and how friendship can guide us through some of the toughest times.

S1 EP3 

Madison Blakely



The magic of energy and our own


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We discuss the discovery of her gift and journey to becoming a healer. We also examine common problems women face today and how to find their authentic self.

S1 EP2 

Cassandra Hawkins

Energy Healer and Change Artist


From personal trainer to marriage celebrant.

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We talk about the importance of self belief when running your own business and the freedom in 'going for it' when deciding on your path.

S1 EP1 

Suzie Crozier

Celebrant, Trainer & Author

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