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Healing can take a lifetime

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Healing can take a lifetime


About the Book

Sydney, present day. Anna is released into the world after six years in prison. The entirety of her possessions stuffed into a single plastic bag. The trauma of her past, a much heavier burden to carry. Feeling hopeless, isolated and deeply lonely, Anna attends an alternative support group; The Women’s Circle. But when she touches an ancient crystal, Anna  connects to a woman she has never met, in a past she doesn’t recognise.
In 1770, a brutal regime torments the English village of Quarrendon and is determined to keep its women apart. Young villager Aisleen desperately seeks a way to defy the rules, reunite with her sister, and live life on her own terms, without her husband’s permission. The stakes are high and terror of punishment inescapable, but doing nothing comes at an even steeper price...
While separated by generations, Anna finds herself drawn to the spine-chilling and courageous plight of Aisleen and Quarrendon’s women. Can their bond help her to face her past and embrace her second chance at life?
A heart-warming and inspirational portrayal of inner strength and vulnerability, The Women’s Circle shows us the true power of female friendship in all its forms.

Karyn Sepulveda

Karyn lives in Sydney with her husband, two children and puppy. She loves working on many creative projects including her books and podcast. Karyn is active on social media and loves to chat to her readers and listeners, so feel free to reach out!

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Australian Author

I inhaled this deeply moving story of two brave women, each with their own cross to bear, separated by time and circumstance but connected by the healing power of the sisterhood. Read it, share it with your girlfriends and let it transport you!

Tess woods

Award-winning author of Love and Other Battles, Beautiful, Messy Love and Love at First Flight

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