S1 EP8 

Natasha Haddad

Founder Mindful Schools

S1 EP7

Rhonda Ryde

Australian Erotic Romance Author

After a great first season now complete I'm very excited about working with more extraordinary women. We have started to put together season two and it will include special bonus bits with each interviewer. So make sure you sign up to get the bonus stuff. 

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S1 EP6 

Cassandra Cerecedo

Marketing Exec & Breast Cancer Adv

S1 EP5 

Emma Brannigan

Medical Devices Director

S1 EP4 

Hannah Worrall

Primary School Educator

S1 EP3 

Madison Blakely


S1 EP2 

Cassandra Hawkins

Energy Healer and Change Artist

S1 EP1 

Suzie Crozier

Celebrant, Trainer & Author


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