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When we make time to be creative, we unlock more happiness and a sense of peace in our life.  This course will: Help you to discover the creativity that already exists within you. Strengthen your connection to your creativity. And most importantly, enjoy being creative!

Unlock your infinite creative potential

Awakening your Creativity

A 4-week online course to help you unlock your infinite creative potential

Course Information

Are you ready for more creativity, joy, and ease in your life?

By signing up for this course, you are saying a big 'Yes!' to unlocking greater happiness in your life. I've designed the content to be simple and fun, but it is also very powerful. My intention for each participant is for them to discover, strengthen and nurture their own creativity. This will result in such a positive ripple-on effect through every aspect of your life! 

  • Work at your own pace. This course is packed with weekly inspiration. You decide when to complete the tasks and how deep you want to go with the content.

  • Dynamic content for different learning styles. This course includes access to short instructional videos, simple guided meditations, and creative activities. 

  • 1:1 support from your creativity mentor. Karyn is here to support you throughout your own unique creative journey. 

This is all included for a one-time payment of $22 


About Karyn

Karyn is an author, podcast producer, teacher and creator of guided meditations. Karyn strongly believes that when we make time to be creative, we unlock more happiness and a sense of ease in our lives. She is passionate about helping people to discover their own creativity (it exists within all of us!) Karyn is excited to share easy, fun and effective ways of prioritising your happiness by making time to be creative. She will gently support and encourage each course participant through their own unique journey of creative discovery.



How much time do I need to participate? 

The beauty of this course is that you can go as deep as you like. You can set aside as little as 30 minutes a week and benefit hugely from the content. But you can also choose to set aside time every day and try all of the activities. It is completely up to you.

I’m interested in starting a big creative project, can I work on it during this course? 

Yes! Please do. You can choose to do this project instead of the suggested activities, or alongside them. Please send me a description of your creative project, so that I can support you through your work.

What are some examples of big creative projects to work on?

A memory scrapbook,  a writing project,  a major artwork, a new garden bed. The possibilities are endless. 

 What if I’m feeling un-motivated and don’t do any of the activities? 

That’s okay as well – but I hope I can inspire you out of that creativity slump; it’s what I’m here for. I will be emailing every participant each week to check on how you’re doing and if you need any help (such as further suggestions or ideas on how to find time in your week for creativity). So, if you’re finding it tricky to participate fully, just tell me and I’ll see what I can do to help. I can make this promise though; if you start this course with the intention to allow more creativity in your life and make the effort to open your email each week and watch/read/ listen to the short content, you will have no problem with feeling motivated!

Ok, I'm ready to start my creative journey.  

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