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What a journey!

Preparing for the release of my second book, The Women's Circle, in just six days time has put me into a reflective mood.

This wasn't the story I expected to be my second book. I've shared before that a manuscript I was agented for and worked very hard on for years was widely rejected by publishers. Although it was painful at the time, I'm so glad now that it happened. That book was me trying to be something I wasn't. I didn't enjoy the writing process for that manuscript, I was writing for an audience I thought would be popular.

Writing The Women's Circle was completely different. It felt natural and enjoyable to tell the story of two very different women; Anna and Aisleen across dual timelines. I loved writing about them and exploring their journeys. And I believe the reason the publication of this book fell into place is because I wrote this story for myself. It is the kind of book that I love to read and I decided before I had even started that I didn't mind whether it was published or not - I would write the story because I love creating characters and writing about them. And then I poured my heart into this manuscript.

I'm thrilled of course, that I get to share the book with readers - but that is the icing on the cake for me. I was also thrilled at having completed the story and reading it back to edit filled me with pride.

I feel that's been my biggest lesson in this publication journey - when you create something straight from the heart, it will make you happy, no matter the outcome.

So, if there is something you are hoping to create, but you are worried about the end result, my advice is to forget everything else. Create something from your heart and try to let the outcome be your happiness.

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