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It's time to get creative!

Creativity is an essential part of being human. I’ve heard so many people say, I’m just not creative. But I promise you, every person has their own unique creativity within them.

Being creative looks different in every individual. For some it’s writing, painting, dancing or another ‘traditional’ type of creative arts. For others it might be gardening, cooking, sewing, or even just letting their imagination run wild in a good old daydream.

What I’ve discovered is that when we take time to be creative, our whole life benefits. We will often feel more ‘balanced’, as though everyday life is flowing a little more smoothly. And that’s because we’re tapping in to another part of ourselves; our inner child, who loves being creative. Nurturing this inner child leads to more happiness in our life - so it's time to get creative!

Life is very busy, so it’s easy to push non-essential activities aside, but I would love to challenge you in the next week, to take at least ten minutes every day to be creative. Here’s some examples to get you started: Draw a picture, write a poem, try something new in the kitchen, turn a song up full blast and dance around your bedroom, pick (or buy) some flowers and arrange them yourself in a vase, serve your dinner in a ‘fancy’ way… You get the idea.

I would love you to have a go at this challenge. And then pay attention to how you’re feeling at the end of the week. Please reach out to let me know how you go!

Love, Karyn xo

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