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My current writing project is a story for all women.

For the last five months I’ve been completely consumed by my new writing project. Its working title is ‘Letters To My Yesterday’ and I’ve never been so excited by my writing. The whole concept for this project started last year, when I overheard my uncle talking about the story of my great-grandmother. In the 1920’s Rose (my great-grandma) was widowed and left with almost no money and two young children. Her story could easily have been one that ended in poverty and heartbreak, but it didn’t. The local butcher (and family friend) lent Rose the money to buy a block of land in Hurstville; 33 Maher Street. She built a house with a general store out the front and went on to run the store successfully right through the Great Depression (and paid every cent back to the butcher). What an amazing woman!

I found myself desperate to tell not just her story, but the story of so many strong women – in my life I am surrounded by them. So with the faintest idea of the story I would tell, I sat at my computer and began. And now, months later, I have the story of not only Rose, but also three incredible women; Isla, Marie and Adeena. Although these women are fictional characters, they are inspired by the many women in my life. Women are incredibly strong and when we support each other, anything is possible!

Please send me positive vibes as I start the hardest part of this writing journey – seeking publication!

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